How Much Will I Earn?

You earn 20% - 35% on EVERY sale. No small print.  No hidden fee’s.

Can I Sell The Items From My Initial Kit?

Of Course!  You get your kit as a hugely discounted rate so if you wanted to sell items from there you of course can and keep the profit for yourself.  This is why we include the boxes and pouches so you can attend events or sell to people you know if you wish.  If and when you wanted to top your kit up with more items you can use your log in to order more off the site - this also goes towards your monthly order totals.

How Is My Commission Worked Out?

You will get a percentage of EVERY sale you do.  There will no small print here!  You start on 20% and you will never earn less than that.  You will also have the option to top up that amount throughout the month.

How Do My Customers Order?

However is best for you. A lot of people prefer to speak to their customers via email or social media message.  A few prefer phone consultations.  You will have your own log in to the new website which will enable you to log in and create orders for your customers.  Alternatively they will be able to order from the site after being referred by you.  Payment by Paypal and Card is accepted.  We then send this order direct to your customers.  A full how to guide about ordering can be found on our information page HERE.

When do I get paid?

You get paid your basic commission within 24 hours of an order being received.  Any bonus commission is calculated at the end of the calendar month and paid to you  at the end of the calender month + 7 days.

What if I join in the middle of the month?  How is my bonus worked out then?

Your bonus target will be calculated on a pro rata so even if you don’t hit your ‘full’ target you will still get your bonus based on the time you have been with us.  For example.  If your target to receive your bonus was £125 and you joined in June.  June has 30 days so £125 / 30 = £4.16 a day.  Say you joined on June 18th we would calculate your bonus commission target from June 19th – June 30th which is 12 days : £4.16 x 12 = £49.92.  So to receive your target commission you’d only have to do £49.92 sales total instead of £125.

Do I have to hit my target to be paid?

NO! Absolutely not! You will receive your basic commission regardless. The bonus commission is something we introduced to reward on top of your basic.

How do I increase my basic commission?  I don’t want to be trying to reach targets.

You can increase your basic commission just by selling.  When you join, you start as a Creative Consultant – Citrine Level.  Once you hit £125 sales you are officially 'active' when you reach £1000 sales you go up to Topaz – increasing your basic commission.  We have 6 levels of commission available that work on LIFETIME SALES – you are not put back to zero every month.  Your sales from previous months go towards your lifetime sales and as soon as you reach the next bracket you move up. It’s as simple and fair as that.

Can I recruit my own staff?

You can.  From day one you can start recruiting consultants to work under you.  This is a great opportunity for those of you who have fantastic leadership skills. 

Do I get paid for recruiting people?

Of course.  You can get paid for recruits 3 levels below you.  A full breakdown of the commission structure can be found HERE so you can see how and when you get paid for your recruits sales.

If I am recruited under someone do I lose out on some commission?

Absolutely NOT!  If you are recruited by someone you do not lose out on any commission.  Yours will be exactly the same as everyone else.  The only difference is if you hit your monthly target your recruiter gets an additional % of that – that additional % is paid by US not you. 

If I am recruited by someone can I still recruit myself?

Absolutely!  There is no cap on who can recruit! You would still earn the same % and have the same options open to you if you have come to join alone or if you have come to join from being referred.

Can I overtake my recruiter?

Yes you can.  If you sell more than your recruiter you can overtake them yes.  We do not put any caps on anyone anywhere! Everyone has the same opportunities and everyone is rewarded the same across the board.

How Do I Get Paid?

Paypal or Bank Transfer - whichever is easier for you. Paypal issue a 3.9% fee (plus 20p per payment) to sent to your paypal account. Bank transfer is free.  We know some of you are wanting to keep your commission payments separate as you are saving them for a holiday or rainy day which is why paypal is so handy.  For example on a paypal fee.  Say we transferred £100 to you, that would cost you £4.10 in paypal fee’s.  Payments usually hit banks in instantly to 2 hours (definitely if you are with Barclays) but can take 24 for some banks.  Paypal is usually instant.

Can I Move My Way Up?

As you work with us you can move from Creative Consultant right through to Executive Consultant.  We have a lot more planned than what we are opening with - this is just the start :)

We want to create as many opportunities for you all as possible - not just with Lavish!

Do I ever get moved down if I don’t hit targets?

100% No! Every level you hit you will have hit with hard work and determination, we are not a company that moves people down, ONLY UP!  If you reach a level where you earn more basic commission you stay there.

What is the difference between basic commission and bonus commission?



Paid to you within 24 hours of a sale

Paid at the end of the month + 7 days

Earned whether you sell £10 or £1000 in a month

Earned based on reaching  targets


Monthly sales target


Your recruits sales target


More details on the commission structure can be found BY CLICKING HERE

What is the jewellery made out of?

Each locket is made out of 316l surgical grade stainless steel and glass.The locket's are plated for the Rose Gold in pure 18 carat rose gold. The plating method used is called ION plating, the very same that is used by designer watch makers.

Chains are made from 925 rhodium plated sterling silver, 304 stainless steel or brass plated 925 sterling silver or 18 carat rose gold. Please see individual item descriptions for more information.

Our sterling silver Chains are made by a very talented manufacturer who specialise in the highest quality sterling silver, each item is then plated in rhodium for shine and strength. 100% Nickel and Lead free. More information below on caring for your sterling silver jewellery.


Are your lockets nickel free and safe?

Nickel is present in all steel (it makes it shiny) it's the way the steel is made and the 'grade' which is important. Steel is better than sterling silver as it does not rust or tarnish. It is also incredibly strong - ideal for the complicated design of the lockets. Sterling silver is just too soft to last.

All our lockets are 316l stainless steel, the nickel does not leech out. It's in the way the metal is forged that ensures this. 


Will your jewellery cause a reaction?

If wearing certain jewellery causes localised areas of skin to becomes itchy, red and/or swollen this can indicate an allergic reaction to the metals in jewellery. Nickel is the most common culprit; if a 9ct gold piercing,bracelet, necklace or ring is causing a reaction, it’s the nickel in the gold—not the gold itself—causing the problem. Women are more commonly affected by a nickel allergy than men. People rarely have a reaction to pure gold (24k),platinum or titanium. There is a risk of allergic reactions with sterling silver too. European Directive 94/27/EC was made UK Law in 2000 and specifies the upper limit for nickel release in articles which have direct and prolonged contact with the skin - such as Jewellery, fashion accessories, and metal adornments for apparel. It also specifies the upper limit for nickel content in specified articles.

The term hypoallergenic was made up in the 1950's as part of an advertising campaign and has since been adopted to indicate that the metal used has a diminished potential for causing an allergic reaction.


How big are the Lockets?

All sizes can be found on each individual item, however please find some of our most common sizes below.  The large locket measures 30mm in diameter, 25mm for the medium and 20mm for the mini. Heart lockets measure 30mm at their widest point. They are approximately 4mm in depth. Interior measurements range from 10-24mm in diameter depending on the locket chosen and all are approximately 2.4mm in interior depth.


How big are the charms?

Each charm is slightly different but on average they measure 4-13mm in diameter and height. So much detail goes into each charm, they really are awonder to see.


How many charms can I fit in each locket?

Depending on the charms chosen an average of 7-10 in the larger Lockets,4-7 in the medium Lockets and 1-3 in the mini lockets. We would recommend 4-5in the heart lockets and up to 15 in the max.


How are the 'designed by lavishlockets' and LL logo'd items different?

Designed by Lavish Lockets means just that, we have drawn a charm and it has been made for us, complete with LL moulded into the reverse so you know it's genuine. However this doesn't stop someone copying the design. LL Logo'd items fall under the same quality guarantee but these designs aren't our own,they are however made in a very different way to the cheaper copies out there.As you probably are aware there are a lot of factories that make this type of jewellery, Lavish & Co. Ltd spent months sourcing the best. More care is taken in their design and finish. Upon placing an LL charm against one that is not made by ourselves the difference is evident. Smoother lines,intricate detail, perfect imaging. We take great care in what we have made.  All adult lockets are engraved with Lavish Lockets (on the reverse) and all jewellery has a 6 month guarantee.


How do I open the locket?

Most of the lockets are opened at the side - similar to a pocket watch.There is an indentation at the side which will open the locket. When open you can load and unload your charms (or anything else you have in yours) and close again. Lockets close and stay closed with strong magnets so your charms are safe when worn.

For video's on how to open, close and add charms to your pockets please see our Facebook or You Tube pages.


What size plates fit in which lockets?

Large plates for the large lockets, medium plates for the medium lockets,mini plates for the mini lockets and heart plates for the heart lockets.


How long is the wait for delivery?

We dispatch orders 5 days a week. Over 90% of orders arrive with you the next day but please allow 3-5 days.  International delivery times depend on which country you are ordering from and which shipping type you choose.  We have international express delivery now available - Next Day to Europe and 2-3 Days the rest of the world.  If you need your order by a particular date please inform us BEFORE you place your order so we can accommodate your request.

Next Day Delivery can be selected Monday to Thursday before 1pm. Orders made on Friday with Next Day selected will only arrive the following Monday.

UK Saturday delivery is also available.

An email will be sent to you keeping you up to date at what stage your order is at and you can log in at any time to check the status of your order.


How much is delivery?

Standard delivery is free for all UK orders over £10.00. If you live locally to WN2 - Wigan you can choose local pick-up for free and we will pop your order at reception ready for you to collect at your convenience.


Do you gift wrap?

All orders come beautifully wrapped as standard in our Lavish Locket boxes.  From interior packaging right through to the exterior.


How do I care for my steel jewellery?

The unique properties of the jewellery grade steel is that is does not rust or tarnish. Keep it looking shiny by polishing with a lint free cloth. If you get your locket wet, dry properly on a cloth before re-adding the charms.


How do I care for my sterling silver jewellery?

All sterling silver will tarnish over time, this is called oxidation.There are lots products on the market that help keep your sterling silver jewellery looking shiny and new. Many things that can cause tarnishing but the main culprits are perfume, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine, acidic skin and even salty air. The amount of tarnishing (oxidation) that occurs is dependent on the skin and care habits of the wearer. Tarnishing is therefore not a manufacturing fault.