Why Lavish?

From one day back in 2012, when a search to find quality affordable personalised jewellery proved unsuccessful, We, armed with a big dream and not much else set to work. Roll around to April 2013 the Lavish brand was born.

Over 4 years later Lavish Lockets sells worldwide to thousands of customers.

Changing the way we shop for jewellery. We are unlike any other locket company. Using a mix of precious metals and hypoallergenic stainless steel, the Lavish brand bridges the gap between high street and designer. Quality well made jewellery does not have to cost the earth. 

If you're happy, we're happy - it's that simple.



From May 2017 we launched Lavish independent consultants.

Finally giving YOU the opportunity to earn a living with Lavish

Earn 20% - 40% on EVERY sale

NO Contracts

NO Targets to reach before you're paid

NO Being moved down if you decide to take a break

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